Accessing Inner Wisdom Counseling

One-on-One counseling Sessions, inviting Inner Wisdom to join us for the Remembrance of Who We Are

Self-Study Transformation Courses

Join with a trained Ordained Spiritual Counselor to accelerate Your Spiritual Journey back to Love's Oneness!

8-week Programs for Spiritual Growth & Healing

Do you Know Who You Are? Do You remember Who You Were as a child? These 8-week programs offer deep healing at the Soul level! 

Meet Rev. Deborah

Our Mission

Our purpose is to share Love and Oneness everyone! Our mission is to embody Love, and to remind each other Who We Are, and how Amazingly Powerful We Are. We have one Goal, and that is to assist everyone into an awareness of love, learn from your experiences and apply true forgiveness for the sake of Love & Oneness. Merging the mind with Heart is a moment by moment practice. It allows us to listen to the Higher Voice of Love, rather than the lower voice of ego. No one goes Home alone, and there is no one left behind. Let's come together this Instant, and join our Hearts to all of HUmanity! This simple act of Love allows us to dissolve fear and unfold the FREEDOM That is Our Birthright!

Who Are We?

I am an Ordained Spiritual Counselor and a student of A Course of Miracles since 2012. My only goal is to extend my Love and Knowledge of Guidance with you through one-on-one counseling, self-study transformation courses and 8-week programs. This is not your conventional therapy. It is a safe place to share your thoughts, experiences, uncover resistances and blockages, and Join with Inner Wisdom, for the Remembrance of True Perspective. The purpose of this Joining is to Trust our Internal Teacher and Receive the Truth about our perceived "problems" in all our life experiences.

Our Goal

The Goal is Forgiveness, Acceptance, Unconditional Love and Peace


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Healing Inner Child 8-week Program details


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