I had the biggest obstacle that I thought I wouldn't be able to overcome...through using a course in miracles my own perception that when one is hurt, injured or heartbroken, whatever the case maybe through the Holy Spirit & Principles may one walk through their pain & come out alive, healed, well & better for it...through pain comes the healing in the healing comes the miracles & peace of the Holy Spirit that intervenes the whole time...Today I felt a touch of heaven & a overwhelming sensation of healing & that there is truly a divine power that's watching over us....miracles are happening all the time the true beauty comes in when we can embrace & except the existence of a miracle😍❤️so thankful for you Rev Deborah. Your an amazing mentor & coach. I don't know how I would've over came all these obstacles without your insight. Truly a blessing, and divine intervention....

~Jannene Marie

Me too. She's amazing and beautiful!  Amazing concepts... I want another session. Food for thought? Oh boy I got some today and I just want to thank you from the depths of my heart and soul. Sometimes you just need to listen to yourself, and then.... LISTEN AGAIN !!!! 👠 

~Barbara McQuillan


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