Who Am I

Rev. Deborah Salter, O.M.C. is an Ordained Ministerial Counselor, Founder of The Healing Bridge. She is in Full-Time Service as a Minister of Love. Her life’s purpose and mission is to share Love and Oneness with everyone, embodying Love, and reminding us Who We Are, and how Amazingly Powerful We Are. Her goals are to assist everyone into an awareness of Love, by seeing all experiences as either “An extension of Love” or as “A call for love.” This gives us the opportunity to apply True forgiveness when “A call for love rings!” Deborah extends the opportunity of Awakening to Love’s Presence, through Joining with Inner Wisdom, which Guide’s the process of Awakening the Master Within You! Her special function is to help you become aware of false patterns of belief that result from past traumas and experiences with the help of Inner Wisdom, and bring them up for healing. She will help guide the process of training your mind, to bridge it with your heart space of Love, where you will learn to harness the Truth about yourself in deep Self-Love and Acceptance. As a minister, counselor, and facilitator of courses and groups, Deborah emphasizes Inner Child Healing using much laughter. She creates a warm, playful, child-like atmosphere where participants can feel safe and comfortable to explore their child-like Spirit, share insights, and most of all have FUN!